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Please take action immediately to ensure the release of Tibetan activists inIndia who have been detained. This morning, 102 Tibetans in India were arrested and entenced to 14 daysof detention for taking part in a march back to Tibet. We need your help nowto ensure that they are released soon and the march can continue.
The March to Tibet is a peaceful march inspired by Gandhi's greatnon-violent approach used in India's own independence struggle.
However,when the Return March to Tibet began on March 10th, the Indian authoritiesimmediately issued a restraining order against the marchers, alleging thattheir actions could lead to a breach of public peace. Unfortunately, itseems that the Indian government is sacrificing its principles because ofpressure from the Chinese government, which is extremely sensitive to itsimage as the Olympics
It is very important that the Indian government hear from people all overthe world who support the Tibetans' Return March so that the March cancontinue and more ttention be brought to the Tibetans' fight to controltheir own political destiny in the lead up to Beijing 2008. Please use thefax number below to send a short message to the Indian ambassador, and thenfollow up with a quick phone call. A sample letter and phone talking pointsare included below.
Thank you for speaking up now.


To:[Ambassador's Name][Address][Phone and Fax numbers]

Your Excellency :

I have long admired India's generosity in providing refuge to Tibetans inexile. However, I must protest your government's recent decision to stopthe Tibetans' return March to Tibet and to sentence the marchers to 14 daysin detention.
I am joined by tens of thousands of Tibet supporters worldwide in asking youto immediately release the marchers and to permit the March to Tibet tocontinue through India. The March to Tibet is a peaceful march inspired bythe great non-violent tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian people,which is admired around the world. Stopping the march makes it appear thatIndia, the largest democracy in the world, is sacrificing its principlesbecause of pressure from the Chinese government, which is trying to polishits image in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics.
The Indian authorities issued a restraining order against the marchers onMarch 10th, alleging that their actions could lead to a breach of publicpeace. This is simply not the case. The Tibetan people have demonstratedtheir commitment to nonviolence time and time again and the Tibet movementis recognized worldwide as one of the greatest peaceful struggles of alltime. These marchers have undergone strict nonviolence training and havestated their dedication to this approach.
This non-violent march does not violate the requirement that Tibetans notengage in anti-China activity in India; it is simply a peaceful march. Ihope India will support the Tibetan people in their just cause andfacilitate, rather than obstruct, their journey.

Thank you for your time.



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